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MDDA is the nodal planning & development agency for coordination with all the; departments concerned for the development of the city. On its own, it has developed housing colonies with all infrastructure facilities-roads; water supply, electricity, draining, parks and children’s play areas.

In a bid to retain the greenery of this area, the authority has created Ecological fund, which is exclusively being utilized to enhance the quality of environment in the development area. Today, MDDA looks back with pride over the numbers of achievement it has discharged and is discharging its duty with the utmost care & dedication.


  • Implementation of the Master Plan
  • Acquisition of land to implement the various schemes.
  • Enforcement of plans and developmental schemes.
  • Adaptation of measures for protection of natural environment in the development area.
  • Coordination with Municipal Corporation, Public Works Department and other agencies involved with urban development.
  • Strengthening the city infrastructure, with the new dimension of it being the interim capital of Uttaranchal.


Dehradun after being the interim capital of Uttaranchal, it has been facing a plethora of problems like housing shortage, the tremendous pressure on the existing urban infrastructure and problems of traffic and congestion.

In the changed scenario, MDDA has taken up various planning proposals-short term & long-term to tackle the existing problems and to cope with future requirements of the city.

Dehradun Master Plan-2001 has been revised and for the preparation of revised Master Plan up to 2025, MDDA in association with town planning department of Uttaranchal has finished the task and master plan -2025 notified on 05-Aug-2013.


  • Transport Nagar About 12.50 hect. land acquired, Plots issued to transporters.
  • Inter State Bus Terminal- Ready and operational.
  • Multi storie car parking cum shopping Complex near Clock Tower, 6793 sqmt. Land taken from RFC.

MDDA has made deliberate efforts to protect the natural environment by amending the existing building bye-laws for the sustainable development in this ecologically fragile zone.

The sufficient provisions have been made through the proposed amendments of bye-laws for Mussoorie Dehradun development area regarding the building structure safety measures to protect the built environment from natural disasters like earthquakes & landslides; as this area falls under the sensitive seismic zone on the seismic map of India. 

The considerations for conservation of natural resources have also been taken care of in the bye-laws with the provisions to promote rainwater-harvesting, use of non- conventional energy sources and providing more open spaces for water recharge and plantation. 

MDDA has made sincere attempts to reposition its corporate image and has set an agenda for vision 2002 and beyond and the same is being scrupulously followed by it to achieve the short term and long-term objectives spread before it.


Mussoorie Dehradun Development area includes Dehradun Urban Agglomeration, Mussoorie Municipal area and its surrounding 185 Revenue Villages of Dehradun District. The limits of this development area coincide with the Dehradun District Boundary in the North,forest area in the south and west and river Song in the east including 185 revenue Village surrounding Mussoorie & Dehradun Urban area.


Inter State Bus Terminal was launched by CM, Uttarakhand and is fully operative, is first in India on BOT basis.


Multi storey car parking cum shopping complex near Clock Tower, 6793 sqmt. Land taken from RFC.