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Creating a User Account
Saving RTI Form
RTI Submission
Application Status
RTI First Appeal
Field Description
Frequently Asked Questions
Creating a User Account:
The applicant must have a user account for submitting the RTI Application.
Note: If you are a new user, please Click here for help regarding the registration.
Saving RTI Form:

Step 1:

Go to 'RTI form' located in the 'Other Forms' menu.
Step 2: 'RTI form' will appear, fill all the required information.
Step 3: If the applicant falls below poverty line then the applicant should select the checkbox near 'Is applicant Below Poverty Line(BPL) category ?' and should attach a scanned copy of the Ration Card.
Step 4: Click on the ‘Save’ button, alert box will appear along with the RTI reference ID.
Step 1: After saving the form, attach the relevant proof by clicking on the ‘Attachment' button, Attachments screen will appear.
Step 2: Click on the browse button and select the file to attach. After selecting the file, click on the ‘Add’ button, the selected file will be attached along with the form.
RTI Submission:
Step 1: Submit the application by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.
Step 2: After submission of the form, alert box will appear with a unique reference number, which may be referred by the applicant for future references.
Step 3: An e-mail will also be sent to your mail address with the RTI details.
Step 1:

The Applicants falling below the poverty line are exempted from paying submission fee.

Others can make the payment in two ways,
(i) Payment through MDDA Counter.
(ii) Online Payment (Credit/Debit card).

Step 2: In case you are paying through MDDA Counter – select the ‘MDDA Counter‘ option as shown in the previous screen and click on the 'Close' button. Visit MDDA office and make the payment against the reference ID[You can pay either through Cash, DD or Postal Order].
Step 3: For online payment, select the online payment option, payment screen will appear. Select credit card/debit card option and click on the ‘Pay Online’ button.
Step 4: Payment gateway screen will appear, follow the instructions and make the payment. Once payment is made, RTI application will be submitted to MDDA for further processing.
Step 5: After Successful Payment, a pop-up will appear with Print option.
Application Status:
Step 1: Click on the 'My Application Status' located in the 'Other Forms' menu. 'Application Status' screen will appear.
Step 2: You can find the Status of your Application from the 'Status' column.
Step 3: Initially, the Status of the Application will remain as 'Submitted'.
Step 4: Your Application may move further or it can get rejected by MDDA officials.
Step 5: If your Application goes further, the status will become 'In-progress' and you should pay the Response fee as applicable.
Step 6: Response fee can be paid by clicking on the 'Pay now' link in the payment column of the corresponding Application whose Status will be 'In-progress'. For Paying the fee, refer Payment process.
Step 7: You can view the response by clicking on the pdf icon in the 'Response' column of your corresponding Application.
Step 8: You can also get your response either through Letter, e-mail, Phone or Directly.
Step 9: In case your Application gets 'Rejected' or you are not satisfied with the Response. You are eligible for an appeal.
RTI First Appeal:

Step 1:

Go to 'RTI Appeal' form located in the 'Other Forms' menu.
Step 2: Select the Application number for which you are appealing from the drop-down list.
Step 3: Upon selecting the Application number, the applicant details are populated. Enter the reason for the appeal. If required, attach the supportive documents, if any.
Step 4: Submit the form by clicking on the 'Submit' button. Alert box will appear along with the RTI Appeal Reference ID(not same as the RTI reference ID). Note down the ID for future references. As per RTI Act, Payment is not required for RTI Appeal.
Step 5: A mail will be sent to your mail-id, with the RTI-Appeal details.
Field Description:
Field Description
Applicant Name Applicant's name.
Father/Spouse Name Applicant's father/spouse name.
Occupation Applicant's Working Status.
E-mail Applicant's e-mail address.
Land Line Number Applicant's Landline number.
Mobile no. Applicant's mobile number.
Address Line1 Applicant's address.
Address Line2 Applicant's address.
Country Applicant's Country.
State Applicant's State.
District Applicant's District.
City Applicant's City.
Postal Code Applicant's Contact Postal Code.
Details of the Information (Asked for) Information needed for the Applicant for which the complaint is raised.
Is applicant "Below Poverty Line (BPL)" Category? ( If yes,provide the necessary proof for confirmation) If the Applicant falls below poverty line,it is mandatory to attach the proof.
Reason for First Appeal The Applicant should provide proper information/reason at the time of first appeal.
Reason for Second Appeal The Applicant should provide proper information/reason at the time of second appeal.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What to be done when you get the following error message(s) during raising your complaint(s)?
Error Message Solution
Please enter the information asked for Enter the reason for filing the information.[Do not leave it blank]
Please enter the reason for appeal. Enter the reason for appeal against the rejection of the application.[Do not leave it blank]