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Creating a User Account
Completion Certificate Form
Submission of Form
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Creating a User Account:
The applicant must have a user account for submitting the map application.
Note: If you are a new user, please Click Here for help regarding the registration.
Completion Certificate Form:
Step 1: Go to completion certificate form by clicking 'Completion Certificate' in 'Online Map' menu.
Step 2: 'Completion Certificate' screen will appear, Please select the 'Map Number' in the form and click on 'Search' button.
Step 3: If the applicant's previously submitted map has been approved or previously requested completion certificate has been rejected, select the corresponding map number from the options in 'Map Number'. Completion Certificate form will populate automatically.
Step 4: If there are changes in the applicant's contact details fill the relevant information in 'Contact Details' section of the form.
Step 5: After updating the information click on the ‘Save’ button, confirmation screen will appear containing the Reference number.
Step 1: After saving the form, attach all the relevant documents by clicking on the ‘Attachment' button, checklist screen will appear.
Step 2: For attaching different type of the documents, click on the icon under the ‘Attachment‘ column of the checklist table. Attachments screen will appear.
Step 3: Click on the browse button and select the file to attach, after selecting the file, click on the ‘Add’ button. Selected file will be attached along with the form.
Step 4: If the applicant wishes to delete an attachment then check the attachment and click on the 'Delete' button.
Submission of Form:
Step 1: Once all the documents are attached, submit the application by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.
Step 2: After submission, confirmation screen will appear (please note your application number for future references). You will receive an e-mail/sms, once the Map Application is submitted successfully.
Step 1: After submission, applicant will have to pay the submission fee. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button, payment screen will appear.
Step 2: There are two ways for making the payment,
  (i) Payment through MDDA Counter.
  (ii) Online Payment (Credit/Debit card).
Step 3: For payment through MDDA Counter, select ‘MDDA Counter‘ option as shown in the previous screen and click on the 'Close' button. Visit MDDA office and make the payment against the reference number[You can pay either through cash, DD or postal order].

Step 4:

For online payment, select the 'Online Payment' option. Payment screen will appear. Select credit card/debit card and click on the ‘Pay Online’ button.

Note: Service charges are applicable for Credit/Debit card.

Step 5: Payment gateway screen will appear, follow the instructions and make the payment. Once payment is made, file will be submitted to MDDA for further processing.
Step 6: Applicant will get sms/e-mail about the status of the Map Application submitted.
Step 7: Applicant can also check the status of the application on after logging into account and clicking on 'My Application status' in 'Online Map' menu.
Application Status:
Step 1: Click on 'My Application Status' in 'Online Map' menu. 'My Application Status' screen will appear.
Step 2: If the status of an application remains in 'Pay Now' then refer payment process.
Step 3: You can also check the details of your completion certificate request by clicking the Completion Certificate Reference Number.
Info Required:
Step 1: After submitting the application, upon scrutiny if MDDA finds out that there are some additional information required or the information provided in application are not complete/satisfactory, MDDA will mention the status of the application as 'Info Required'.
Step 2: When applicant goes online and finds out the status mentioned as 'Info Required' or receives an Email/SMS from MDDA with the subject as 'Info Required' the applicant should click on 'Info Required' to see the remarks given by MDDA.
Step 3: The information asked for may be related to the Map Details, Applicant Details, Building Details or the Technical details, Or issues with attachments.  
Step 4: The applicant should select the application id to provide the necessary information and re-submit the map application for further processing.
Field Description:
Field Description
Map Number Applicant's map number.
Contact Details
Address Line1 Applicant's Address.
Address Line2 Applicant's Address.
Country Applicant's Country.
State Applicant's State.
District Applicant's District.
City Applicant's City.
Pincode Applicant's Contact Pincode.
E-mail Applicant's e-mail address.
Phone no. Applicant's phone number.
Mobile no. Applicant's mobile number.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What to be done when you get the following error message(s) while you are applying for Completion Certificate ?
Question Description
Please select Map Number Select the map number for which you are applying Completion Certificate.[Do not leave it blank].